21 days. 3 weeks. They say three is a magic number.

trifecta  noun /tri fek^tuh/ A perfect group of three.

The winning success my customers have is due to this trifecta:


None are more important than another. <<< That right there is TRUTH! It is the perfect combination of all three that will bring you the results you came here for. It’s time to get the ball rolling!

Having 14 years experience in teaching and education, I strive to prepare my customers for LIFELONG SUCCESS.  What does that mean?

  • I will NOT tell you to do a combination of “these certain workout moves” so you can banish belly fat / tone your thighs / lose your flabby arms.
  • I will NOT give you a prescribed list of “only eat these foods”
  • I will NOT expect to be holding your hand down your health & fitness journey for the next several years.

No, no, and no. So here is what I WILL do:

  • Listen to your fitness self-assessment in terms of your strengths, your weaknesses, and your goals in order to best match you with a fitness program that suits your needs RIGHT NOW. (This will change as you change.)
  • Model, educate, and guide you to plan and prepare meals that have profound benefit to your health, suit your family’s preferences, and compliment your daily schedule and time commitments.
  • Mentor you to be an agent of change within your own network of family & friends, becoming an ambassador of health to those whose lives you touch.

Teaching is in my blood, and if I teach you SUSTAINABLE HABITS, then on your own you will soar.

Remember the famous Chinese proverb about fishing?


In my 21 Day ‘Commit to Fit’ Bootcamp, I won’t GIVE it to you. I will TEACH it to you.

And here is what YOU will do:

  • Follow your workout schedule daily.
  • Follow your nutrition guide, applying clean eating practices and Shakeology daily.
  • Post a picture to our private Facebook group daily per the theme of the day.
  • Keep a food journal, sharing it to the group at times.
  • Mobilize yourself with the power of our accountability group.

I teach the trifecta of FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT, and results happen HERE! And yes, in just 21 days.

The video below is very personal to me. I would greatly appreciate you doing me a favor by watching it.